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When working at complex sites, there’s a lot at stake.

Whether you’re dealing with a power plant, an offshore oil rig, a complex manufacturing site, or a wind farm — you know that your greatest threat lies in what you cannot see. One careless call, poorly planned job, or undetected issue could result in time and money lost — or worst-case scenario, it could mean serious injuries for your workers.

Every year worldwide:

  • 374 million workers are injured on the job.
  • 360,000 people lose their lives from work-related injuries.

Read more, AiFlux successfully delivers 44 use cases to protect the Health and Safety of workers and equipment engaged in the construction of Oil & Gas offshore structures. 

You need real-time visibility to keep your team safe and your site running smoothly.

SiteFlux harnesses the power of today’s innovative technologies to help you make even the most complex job sites run smoothly and efficiently.

Our integrated platform uses connected IoT devices on-site (such as sensors, wearables, and cameras) to provide you with real-time data that can be viewed anywhere, anytime. Through intuitive dashboards and analytics, energy leaders receive actionable insights to make more informed decisions about how to create safe and efficient work environments for their teams.

With SiteFlux you’ll be able to:

  • Enhance the safety and security of your people and assets.
  • Improve worker productivity.
  • Increase process efficiency.
  • Improve the utilization of heavy equipment for maximum results.
Teamwork and safety

Eliminate inefficiencies for good with SiteFlux

Workforce management made simple with 4 modules integrated into 1 single platform.

SiteFlux by AiFlux is a digital platform that allows supervisors/managers to monitor and manage complex work sites and fields to improve efficiency alongside safety, reducing the risk of costly mishaps.

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Reduce on-site incidents.

When you have full visibility of your people and equipment, you can better protect their safety. By connecting and analyzing data from to IoT devices, sensors, and smart cameras, SiteFlux not only shows you where workers are located on the job site, but it can indicate if they are adhering to compliance standards, such as wearing safety gear. 

  • Locate workers and equipment on the job site, anywhere and at any time.
  • Receive PPE compliance safety scores on workers and machinery.
  • Monitor specific risks such as trip hazards, clutter and slippery surfaces.
  • Receive fire prevention and shock prevention notifications.
  • See weather warnings to cancel jobs due in case of unsafe environments.
SiteFlux dashboard
SiteFlux dashboard

Accelerate workplace productivity.

With the right tools, you can turn any complex project into a well-oiled machine. Through SiteFlux’s user-friendly, intuitive dashboards you can view each workers availability, qualifications, and job competence scores to help you choose the right person for a job. Additionally, you can see when tools and equipment are being underutilized to know where there is unnecessary waste. 

  • See workforce attendance, job completion, and worker performance reviews.
  • Locate workers and critical equipment on the worksite anytime.
  • Flag unattended machinery and underutilized resources.
  • Optimize your site layout to maximize efficiency in the execution of projects.
  • Track real-time time burnt and output delivery against plan by workers and equipment. 
  • Distribute assignments easily and check projects status at any time. 

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The safety of your team is our top priority.

At AiFlux, we’re more than technology integrators and implementers. Our team has spent decades working in the manufacturing and energy fields. Our sleeves have been rolled up right next to yours, sharing the same scars that oil, gas, and wind promise to everyone brave enough to take them on.

We know the stakes are high, and we’ve made it our personal mission to help you build the best work environment for your business and your team to thrive.

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