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When it comes to the health of your heavy assets, you can’t afford to be uncertain.

As an energy leader, you know that the decisions you make today have the power to fuel or fail the future. One wrong move, misinformed decision, or technical oversight can lead to disastrous results.

What if you could solve problems before they arise?

Imagine if you could extend the life of your assets and improve their utilization all from one easy-to-use platform.

AiSquared is an intuitive SaaS platform that leverages the power of machine learning and empowers energy leaders and heavy asset owners to solve critical issues and get the most out of their assets.

Turbine maintenance

Eliminate inefficiencies

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Digital Passport 3D module

Centralize and organize your data.

When issues arise, you need answers — fast. Say goodbye to manual processes and excel spreadsheets. With AiSquared’s Digital Passport, you can track asset data in one easy place, allowing you to make informed decisions and tackle critical issues without delay.

Digital Passport

  • Specify asset hierarchy and properties through an intuitive interface​.
  • Onboard and centralize multiple data sources and types in one easy-to-access place.​
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards​ – including CFIHOS and ISO14224 – and application of best practices alongside reports.
  • Distribute documents between internal and external stakeholders for approvals or comments.

Manage project workflows seamlessly and efficiently.

What if managing the inspection and maintenance of a structure weighing thousands of tons was simple? AiSquared offers a user-friendly dashboard to manage all projects in one place, assign tasks, check job statuses, and communicate instructions and updates in real time across job sites and contractors.

Workflow Management

  • Manage end-to-end workflow of integrity projects​.
  • Assign integrity management tasks with clear instructions to eligible resources.
  • View workers’ qualifications and trace their progress.
Workflow Management dashboard
Smart Inspection

Perform faster, more accurate inspections.

In order to see a problem coming, you need to know where to look. With AiSquared, you’ll have the tools and information you need to streamline inspections, prioritize interventions to protect your most critical assets, and better plan for the future.

Smart Inspection

  • Easily access compliance standards, identify priorities, and indicate proper procedures.
  • Manage inspector certifications and procedures.
  • Track inspection and maintenance activity to improve efficiency.
  • Optimize intervention planning so you never have to skip a beat.

Improve asset health and performance.

Imagine if you had an x-ray for your assets. With AiSquared, you don’t have to imagine. Zoom in on your equipment and structures at any time and evaluate their health and performance down to each part.

Health monitoring

  • Access a 3D view of assets and see the health and remaining life for critical components.
  • Receive and respond to safety and performance alerts and flags in real-time.
  • Produce comprehensive, reliable KPI reports using simple dashboards.
  • Track and view assets’ failure history to inform future decision-making.
Health monitoring dashboard

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At AiFlux, we know that your heavy assets are everything to your business, and we’re passionate about empowering you to get the most out of them.

As digital transformation experts with years of on-site industry experience, we remember our roots, and we’ve kept our hard hats on as we’ve built a technology solution to help energy leaders fuel the future efficiently.

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