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Digital platforms for asset integrity and connected resources

Our Story

AiFlux aims to be an integral part of the digital transformation for the safe and productive management of heavy assets and resources deployed in harsh environments – namely for the energy sector. Our mission is to unlock the true potential of our customer’s assets, by improving their utilization in the short and long term across their entire lifecycle.

AiFlux is led by industry specialists with over 50 years combined experience leading large scale digital transformation projects of multinational energy companies. Our global headquarters is in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, with partners around the world.


Our solutions are based on SaaS platforms utilizing cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applied to specific industrial domain applications.

The Asset Integrity through Artificial intelligence platform comprises the following modules:

  • Asset Digital Passport based on industry best practice and standards
  • Smart Inspection process management and supporting technologies 
  • Asset Health Monitoring through real-time KPIs
  • Analytics and Insights through Flag management and tasks


Connecting workers, equipment and sites using IoT devices and cameras linked to our platform:

  • Workforce Health and Safety monitoring​
  • Workforce Productivity management ​
  • Equipment Tracking and logistics optimization​
  • Integrated resource monitoring and Productivity management KPIs​
  • Workforce Time and Attendance management​

Join us

We aim to be a true disruptive digital transformation provider in the heavy assets industry, helping our clients achieve ESG driven profitability. If you are drawn to innovative challenges, and want to be part of a disruptive technology solution – we encourage you to apply for one of our current available positions.


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