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Digital platforms for asset integrity and connected resources

Our Story

AiFlux is a digital solutions provider to the energy and heavy asset owners. We offer a range of products and services that help our clients manage their assets and resources more effectively and efficiently.

Founded in 2021, our vision for industrial transformation was born from industry experience and an understanding of the day-to-day operational pain points of designers, builders, asset owners and operators. Our goal is to help our customers manage their assets and resources safely and efficiently. We are a team of digital transformation specialists with over 50 years of combined experience working with multinational corporations, bridging the gap between industry and technology with our fundamental understanding of operational excellence requirements.

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Asset Integrity through Artificial Intelligence platform

AiSquared by AiFlux is a modular AI-powered digital platform centered around engineering and inspection domain knowledge, providing access to accurate asset integrity management data to ensure compliance and safety at all asset levels.

AiSquared modules

  • Digital Passport
  • Workflow management
  • Smart Inspection
  • Health Monitoring
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Build a safer, more efficient worksite

SiteFlux by AiFlux is a digital platform that allows supervisors/managers to monitor and manage complex work sites and fields to improve efficiency alongside safety, reducing the risk of costly mishaps.

SiteFlux modules

  • Manage Site
  • Manage Worker
  • Manage Equipment
  • Manage Work
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Why AiFlux?

Complex problems like heavy asset integrity and resource safety, and productivity management require simplified and intuitive solutions to ease the process of deployment and decision making, and more importantly, to bring your departments together and break down silos.

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We will participate in MOBILITY LIVE MIDDLE EAST next week, the region’s most important mobility event, where disruptive technology and innovation drive much needed change! Visit us at Stand SP44 (close to the “Smart Mobility” Conference Lounge) to see how SiteFlux...

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We aim to be a true disruptive digital transformation provider in the heavy assets industry, helping our clients achieve ESG driven profitability. If you are drawn to innovative challenges, and want to be part of a disruptive technology solution – we encourage you to apply for one of our current available positions.

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