AiFlux provided its client – a leading EPC contractor – with an efficient, robust, scalable and cost-effective SaaS solution – SiteFlux – to connect and monitor workers and equipment. A variety of IoT devices were deployed across the client’s 500,000 sqm fabrication yard to send near real-time data to the platform. 

Health and Safety is the priority 

Whether you’re dealing with an offshore oil rig, a power plant, a complex manufacturing site, or a wind farm, your greatest threat lies in what you cannot see. One careless call, poorly planned job, or undetected issue could result in time and money lost — or more importantly, injuries or even death for your workers. 

The challenges 

In a facility with thousands of workers spread over vast or scattered areas, how do you keep track of personnel and equipment to ensure safety and prevent incidents? How do you ensure PPE compliance and control access to heavy machinery and restricted spaces? Most importantly, how do you ensure timely and effective communication between workers and their supervisors? 

How SiteFlux helps 

The 44 use cases delivered by AiFlux cover worker and equipment tracking & monitoring across several areas: Worker Identification, Worker Health Monitoring, Worker Hazard Detection, Worker/Asset Location Tracking, Asset Hazard Detection, and Site Hazard Detection.

The benefits 

The client was able to identify early potential risks and respond in real-time to incidents, minimizing the impact on people and operations. With SiteFlux, workers, supervisors and management have continuous access to vital data and metrics to make faster and more informed decisions. This allows a truly proactive management of Health and Safety, reducing the risk of incidents, minimizing downtime and improving efficiency. SiteFlux’s powerful analytics, integrable with existing systems or even digital twins, help organizations anticipate potential risks and take necessary preventive actions before they materialize and cause harm. 

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