Based on the CFIHOS standard and by complementing it with the best practices brought by ISO 14224, API RP 580/581 and API RP 571, AiFlux has developed its own innovative holistic approach to Asset Integrity Management through AiSquared, a modular AI-powered digital platform centered around engineering and inspection domain knowledge, providing access to accurate AIM data to ensure compliance and safety at all levels.

A “data-centric” approach to asset integrity management handover

AiSquared allows Asset Owners & Operators to track asset data, make informed decisions and tackle critical asset issues without delay. With AiSquared’s Digital Passport module, you can easily:

  • Specify Asset Hierarchy (Plant Breakdown Structure) and Functional & Design Properties through an intuitive interface​.
  • Onboard and centralize multiple data sources in one easy-to-access place.​
  • Ensure full compliance with industry standards and best practices.
  • Create a digital databook for handover between different stakeholders across various phases of the asset lifecycle: from inception to end of life.

If your organization is struggling with requirements, rules, and principles for information handover, with building a data model for structuring data and documents about assets, and with establishing a Reference Data Library for consistent naming of equipment, properties, and documents, AiFlux is the ideal partner you have been looking for!

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